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As a concerned parent, ask yourself these five simple questions.

  • Do you and your family have access to the Internet?
  • Do you monitor your computer every second it is on?
  • Do you know what sites are being accessed behind closed doors?
  • Do you know what sites are being accessed while you are absent?
  • Would you like too ?

As an employer, ask yourself these five simple questions.

  • Do your employee's surf the net for porn on company time?
  • Do your employee's send a lot of e-mail to friends on company time?
  • Do your employee's use "instant chat" on company time?
  • Do your employee's visit news and sports sites on company time?
  • Would you like to know?

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Ask-Nic has just released a combination of your favorite software LocknLoad and SierType to form a new computer monitoring and security program named LockType Version 1.0

What does LockType do? It will give you control over everything above and much more. Read below to find out why every home and business should not be without LockType:

  • Are your children being approached by online predators?

  • Are your employee's slacking off all day at work?

  • Do your children or employee's close windows when you enter?

LockType is one of the most dependable and extensively tested products on the market today in the field of security and Internet Monitoring.

LockType is so easy to install and run, a novice computer user can have the program up and running in under five minutes.

LockType will e-mail you any keystrokes that have been pressed on your computer as well as any programs that have been opened on your computer and every window that has been opened on your computer!

You control how large the log file becomes before sending to the e-mail address of your choice. The log file will be deleted from your system after it is sent, leaving no "foot print" left on your computer!

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LockType is not installed per the Control Panel and there are no icons on the desktop nor is LockType listed in the Add/Remove section of the Control Panel. It runs in "Stealth Mode". Your system won't know it is running and neither will any user who uses your computer system!

Employers: You have a right to know! Please read the following:

Employee abuse of email, instant messaging, surfing porn, sports and news sites is costing companies billions in lost productivity every year. Yet when employees know they are being closely monitored, they drastically reduce these activities that harm your business.

You don't have to watch over them every minute. Let LockType send you reports of all employee emails, chat conversations, instant messages, keywords/phrases, and logon/logoff as well as daily e-mail reports of web sites visited, keystrokes typed and applications launched.

And because finding out what your employees are up to is as easy as checking your email, you'll always be in control and in the loop, even if you are thousands of miles away from the main office.

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Parents: Protect Your Children From Online Dangers:

Protecting your children is your primary concern. Would you let them speak on the phone for an hour with a complete stranger? Of course not. So, why would you let them chat online with a stranger without knowing the content of the conversation?

With LockType, you will know the content of ALL of your computer keystrokes and instant messages, whether you are at home, at work, or thousands of miles away. You'll be in a position to stop danger dead in its tracks long before it has a chance to cause real harm.

And, because LockType records e-mails, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and file-sharing activity, you'll get a head start if your child starts engaging in Internet activity you find inappropriate.

A Message To Probation Officers Across America:

Yes, even Probation Officers use LockType to monitor convicted child molesters and sex offenders when they come out of prison. Now you can use LockType to protect your children from the 99% of offenders who have never been caught, freely roaming the Internet, looking for their next victim.

Have You Considered Monitoring your Laptop or Desktop in Case it has been Stolen?

Every LockType report is configured with your SMTP information. If your laptop or desktop computer is stolen, LockType will still continue to send e-mail to you, including the IP address, as long as your computer is being used to connect to the Internet. You can provide the IP address to law enforcement authorities along with other contents of the LockType e-mail reports, and this will GREATLY increase the chances that your computer will be recovered.

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Monitor your Computer in Case it is Used by Others without your Permission:

Do you suspect that co-workers or family members or others may be using your computer when you are not around, without your permission? Or do you allow others to use your computer when you are not around, but wonder whether they are using it appropriately?

It is easy to find out with LockType. LockType only sends e-mail reports when your computer is being used, so if you see LockType e-mail reports from a timeframe you know you weren’t using the computer, you’ll know somebody else was using it. You’ll also be able to make sure that your computer isn’t being used in a manner you deem inappropriate.

LockType gives you the power to uncover the truth! It's as easy as checking your e-mail...

Recommended For WindowsXP Home & Professional Versions.

LockType Version 1.0 is fully compatible with Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional Versions!

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What about the LocknLoad section of the LockType program?

For our previous and future purchasers. The LocknLoad section of the LockType program works the same as it did before. It even retains its original name on the open window! Please read below (in brevity) about the powerful control you can have over your computer system by using the LocknLoad section of LockType Version 1.0:

LocknLoad prevents a file, folder, drives or program from running for Windows XP Home and Professional Versions.

LocknLoad offers you the ability to Lock (prevent a file, folder or program from running) or Load (allow a file, folder or program to run). Just about any file, folder or program on your computer system can be controlled with LocknLoad. If you can "Point and Click" a mouse then you are just two clicks away from controlling your computer files, folders and programs.

Here are a few of the more important files that can be Locked or Loaded when LocknLoad is Activated. Please note that the list is not extensive in that to list them all would take another web site.


1. All Icons (short cuts) That Link To A Program or File
2. Recycle Bin
3. My Computer
4. Internet Explorer
5. Netscape
6. Outlook Express
7. Windows Explorer
8. Windows Task Manager (2000/XP)


1. Control Panel or individual Listings
2. Search or individual Listings
3. Settings or individual Listings
4. Run
5. Help
6. Documents or individual Listings
7. Any Program Listing or individual Listings

Lock Individual Folders, Drives or Files and Programs within any Folder! Use LocknLoad as a "PopUp Window Remover". In other words "Lock or Load" just about any file or program on your computer system period. Although you can't lock your CD (unless you lock My Computer) drive you Can Lock individual CD's from running!

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Disclaimer: LockType software will monitor keystrokes on your computer system. One of its main features is for parents to monitor their children who are under the age of 18. We will not be responsible for any illegal actions on the purchasers part for the violation of the above intent for our software use. You must be responsible for your own actions. Do not place this software on a computer system to which you are Not the legal owner!

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